May 11, 2011

Last week in Guatemala!

It was so fabulous to talk to Alexis on Mother's Day!  It was only 15 minutes but it was so great to hear her voice and about how well she is doing.  Here's her last email from Guatemala.  She'll head to Nicaragua on Monday.

So Hola- It was so fantastico to talk to you on Sunday. Happy Mothers Day! It was Mothers Day here yesterday always the 10th of May and I heard in Nicaragua it is a different day so we will see next year when I get to call. I can't believe the next time I call I will be half way and Elena will have 6 months already done. CRAZY! Thanks for being the awesomest people on planet earth. It was so good to hear your voices.  So, last time to the temple today for 16 months. Crazy. I have not decided if I want to do it in english or spanish. I am thinking english, but we will see when I get there. I can't believe on Monday it will already be two months. Super cool. These last 3 weeks have gone by fast, and I am sure it will go faster when I get to Nicaragua. I am excited to get out there, but it is a little nerve wracking to think I will be out of the routine of the CCM and not be around tons of missionaries, but it is going to be awesome. We had a devotional last night with Elder Clarke who is the president of the area. It was great and he said that a happy missionary is one who loves the people. Some missionaries start that on day one and some never get it. I want to be one who starts out that way. He also focused on being exceptional, diligent, and industrious. I really enjoyed it. On Monday all 38 missionaries and a couple of teachers rode the public bus down to the central plaza and did some proselyting. I enjoyed it. We got our 8 contacts we needed on the plaza, except I am not sure that they will be able to find some of the people with the addresses we got, but whatever. Mom would not have liked all the pigeons in the plaza but it was quite the experience on the bus. On the way there the bus was empty when we got on but got more crowded as we went into town. The people were probably wondering why there were so many missionaries there, but it was good. On the way back I sat next to a stranger and contacted him and gave him some pamphlets and got his address. He left and a lady sat down and I did the same thing. They both seemed fairly interested and they read the pamphlets as we rode. I asked the lady if she had any questions and she said she reads the Bible a little but had not heard of Joseph Smith before. I testified to her that he was a prophet and that the missionaries would tell her more when they came. I did this in spanish all by myself. I was quite proud of myself. And the lady marked one of the scriptures in the pamphlet so that made me think she was actually interested. I will never know what will happen, but I was glad I talked to the people and felt successful. So that was the exciting things for this week. Last week the doctor came and gave us some directions and that was good to get a more tailored presentation for the area. I had the same thing in Provo, but it was for all the missionaries. I know that I can stay healthy if I am careful and take care of myself.  I am having a good time with my companions. They are both super tiny, but are great.  One is about the same size as Annika.  She is super cute.  Funny thing, yesterday our teachers had the elders tie themselves together because they don't stay with their companions. It was pretty entertaining.  I love you all and will email from Nicaragua next week. I don't know when, but I will when I can.   And I haven't got any mail yet this week. Hopefully some dear elders today. Love you tons.  Tell Tanner and Tucker good luck for me. I know they will be fantastic missionaries. We are always taken care of as missionaries. We have angels watching over us.   I think Grandma Laurel and Grandpa Mullen are watching over me and getting the people of Nicaragua ready for me. I think the scripture is D&C 84:88.  I am doing great!   I know I am doing what I should be. Love, Alexis

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