August 9, 2011

Nicaragua week 12!

Hola Familia - These are my last few days in Masatepe. I will have changes on Wednesday so that should be interesting. Another great adventure. We found out about changes while we were with the zone today. The interviews with President went well. He told my companion that she wouldn`t be leaving but didn`t tell about me. The elders thought that we would be companions another change. 3 changes is about the max but there are some that have done 4 with the same companion, but 6 months together is quite a bit. The district leader and I are leaving and everyone thought his companion would be the one to go. They have 3 changes together and the other companion only has 2 areas in his mission and will hit a year next week. But anyway, it’s all an adventure and it will be fun to see somewhere else and work with someone new. So I will have lots of new things to tell you next week. It will be sad to leave the people we are teaching here and the members, but that is the life of a missionary. So for the zone activity we went to San Marcos which is like a 10 minute bus ride and they cooked some tortillas and beans and stuff for valiadas( not sure on the spelling) which is a common food of Honduras. One of the elders cooked funnel cakes that were really good. Apparently his family sells them in different fairs and conferences and stuff all summer long. That was tasty. We got permission to watch Cars 2. I didn`t really watch it and it was in Spanish so I would have to exert myself to hear and understand it all. I wrote some letters. I did see at the end the cartoon scenes of London which were cool. That was a really good trip we had. I also mailed my letters in San Marcos. It was cheaper there. It was more of a real post office there than just someone`s house that is the post office. Anyway, life is good here. We had a good week and had lots of people (8) at church, mostly people we invited or brought. One of the members went for this one man and he actually came so that was good. One of our investigators paid his tithing yesterday too. When we taught him about tithing, my companion asked if he would pay his tithing after he got baptized. He asked if he could start now. He is a super easy investigator. We taught him about the word of wisdom last week and he said he would give up his coffee and he has. He is really willing to do what we ask him. In Elena´s letter she mentioned how we are really asking people to change their lives here. It isn`t easy for them and sometimes we forget that, because for most of us we have grown up living these things and haven`t had to think twice about it. But really if they have the desire they can do it and we can help them too. This week it was weird to see a bunch of North Americans at a church here. They were playing soccer outside this church. I imagine they were kind of like the people the Duggars do their trips to Central America with. I don`t know where they were from but it is very strange to see other Americans besides the other missionaries. Also another weird thing- on TV the other night, Survivor Nicaragua was starting. We do see some TV when we are in people`s houses but it was really odd to see something that familiar. Usually it is some Spanish soap opera or the Nicaraguan news, but it was funny. By the way, Lenny your letters are real fantastic. I forgot about Sister Garn teaching us to direct music with that song. We sing it quite a bit here and I will think about that now every time I hear it. It is true how sometimes we can`t see what impact such small things will have on people and how those little things are the things we remember the most. Thanks for giving me such great memories to look back on and feel so happy about. I did remember that we were in Alaska a year ago. That was a blast and I can`t wait to do it again. Thanks for all you do for me. You are the best family that anyone could ask for. Thanks for getting me prepared for this and helping me have success here. I know that you pray for me all the time and know that I pray for you all the time too. It is great to be a missionary. I know the gospel is true and I’m so grateful that we can be together forever. So, that`s the latest from here and I will be emailing from somewhere else next week. Thanks for being the coolest people on planet earth. Love you tons and tons. Love, Alexis.

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