August 29, 2011

Hi from the DR!

Elena and Alexis now have the same p-days so it was great fun to all be emailing at the same time today.  In order to make sense of their messages, you'll need to read all the way through both posts as there was a lot of chatter back and forth.

I am on the computer now. I just wanted to see if Lexxy was still on. Things are good here. We had two baptisms that I failed to mention about last week so that was good. We went to a zone activity today which was fun. Yes this is fun being on the computer at the same time. So it is hot here and we are sweating up a storm. We carry our umbrellas all of the time since it is either raining or sunny, so we can use it for both. I got your DearElders on Thursday, so that was good and I should get mail most Thursdays at our district meeting. The couple in charge of the mail is super cool so I imagine I will get it regularly since they even brought it to the CCM when I was there. It was super stormy last night. My comp and I were both woken up about 1 am when there was tons of thunder and lightning, quite close I think and some rain. Sometimes when we are going to activities and riding in taxis and buses I feel like I am on the Amazing Race. It is crazy, but luckily I just follow my comp around and she knows what´s going on. Hopefully I will figure it out because my guess is that I will stay here with a new companion for the next transfer. So I want to hear how Lexxy´s Spanish is coming. Sometimes I feel like I am like a little kid that is learning how to read and speak all over again. I know it will come with time but it can be a little frustrating. The mosquitos here really like my legs, but I seem to be getting less and less, so that´s good. I hear that they like the new Americans here. I am doing good though. A lady in our ward died last week and we went to the funeral on Saturday. I didn´t know her but it was an interesting experience and I couldn´t help but think of the people that would have been putting something like that on in the 30th the Robin Daltons leading the music, the Joyces and Barb McKenzies doing the compassionate service thing, the Bishop and the RS presidents. The RS pres. spoke and I was picturing you and Dana Garry. They also called a new RS president this week on Sunday so it reminded me of that. The church is the same no matter where you go. We had a great new investigator at church, so we hopefully will have some more success. Also, it is so great to have members go out with us, so if you have a chance, it makes the missionary´s job much easier. So I won´t complain at home when the power goes out for a couple of hours. Luckily we´ve had power almost every night except for a little bit last night during the storm. One other night we didn´t have power when we got back home, but luckily I had my handy dandy flashlight that Mom bought me. I was going to attempt to take a bucket bath in the dark but then my comp told me that we had luz (light) so that was good. We ran out of gas for the oven/stove thing yesterday. We are supposed to get more tomorrow, so I´ve been enjoying some peanut butter sandwiches and mandarin oranges and cheese sandwiches and such. No biggie and the cooking situation is fine just different with not an electric stove.

Things are good here and it was fun seeing my old companion today.  She is in the same zone and is comps with Chessy´s friend with a sister from Paraguay in a trio. It was fun chatting with her and talking about the mission field although we both were pretty excited about the chances of being home at Thanksgiving.  I think Chessy should come for Thanksgiving. I always love hearing your advice Lexxy.  You are the bestest! Mom and Dad feel free to practice while we are gone and we can have a uke quartet when we get back.  Love you all tons too! -Elena

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