March 30, 2011

Week 2 - Provo MTC

Here's our second email from Alexis.  She's leaving for the Guatemala MTC next Tuesday evening.  We'll post her new address as soon as we know it. 

Hi Family-
I have like 25 minutes so I will type super fast.  My companion is having issues with her email so we have to take care of that today.  We just got back from the temple.  We do the 10 o'clock session.  It was good.  I was a little tired, but nice to be there.  Anyway, the week here was great.  I am looking forward to conference.  We get to watch the YW broadcast while the Elders are at priesthood session.  I can't believe I will be in Guatemala in less than a week.
A couple people have mentioned how great it will be when we are welcomed home by the Lord and he says "Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant".  It will be sweet.  It makes me excited and happy to think about hearing that song when I come home to 30th Ward.  I just have to be the best missionary I can be so that I can be worthy of that expression.  It is becoming more exciting as we learn and teach more and anticipate teaching real people.  Yesterday we taught quite a bit of the first lesson to a man that was pretending to be an investigator.  I thought I did pretty well with the spanish and all.  I still have lots to learn but it is coming.  I bore my testimony in spanish on Sunday for fast and testimony meeting.  It was kind of an expectation, but not everyone did.  I can pray and bear my testimony in spanish as well as contact people and schedule appointments so I am doing pretty well.
Some funny things I have noticed:  One of the elders drinks fanta for breakfast some days.  I guess it is practically as good as OJ.  : ) There is a sister who sings in the shower and is actually pretty good.  She asks for requests and sings stuff from Phantom and Disney stuff. 
Well, the schedule has been pretty much the same as last week. On Monday we had a health and safety meeting that we needed to go to before we leave.  It was pretty informative but a lot is common sense.  The senior missionary doctor that gave it was funny and very blunt, but he told the sisters that they are better missionaries than the elders and that he told the boys in the singles ward he was bishop of to always marry the returned missionary girls. 
We had the devotional last night.  It was James M. Dunn and his wife.  He is an emeritus seventy and seemed really familiar but I couldn't place him.  He talked about finding and loving the people we serve.
I saw Kelsey's friend this morning at the cafeteria.  The food is still good and we have papa johns on fridays.  Also we have ice cream today and sunday.  Super cool.  I am doing fantastico.  I am having my final Hep A shot tomorrow.  Hopefully I will see Chessy's aunt there again.
I have like 2 minutes left.  I am doing well and the time is going by faster.  I know this is where I am supposed to be.  Thanks for being so awesome! 
I know the gospel is true and thats all that matters!
Hermana Alexis

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