April 13, 2011

Hola from Guatemala...week 2

Here's Alexis' latest letter from the Guatemala MTC: 
Hi family-  Guatemala is great.  One of my teachers is a twin and her identical sister works here too.  They are awesome and remind me so much of Elena and I.  They were companions in Provo when they went on their missions to Missouri and Ohio.   Sister Ayala shared a scripture with me that was cool Alma 17:13.  That is really true and cool to think about.  So, Elder Hinckley was here last Sunday with the area presidency.  It was great and I got to play the piano for sacrament meeting and the devotional.  It was great and fun to have them here, which does not happen often.  Also they were here to meet the mission presidents in the area.  On Thursday all the mission presidents came and met us.  It was fun to meet my president and his wife.  They spoke little english and we could communicate alright.  I asked them about knowing Laura Flores and they knew her and remembered Walter's name.  A relative of the Flores is a patriarch in their stake in Costa Rica.  He told us there are 4 stakes, 3 districts, and 2 branches in the mission.  He said he expects 100% obedience not 99% and that we will be blessed by doing so.  He talked about faith in Moroni 7:33.  They were very nice and I am excited to see them again in 5 weeks.  We can listen to music here and they have it playing all the time in the foyer area.  It is funny because sometimes they play Christmas music which is cool.  We also watched two devotionals from the Provo MTC by Elder Holland.  Chelsea mentioned one about making our missions change our lives.  The were both great and he was very encouraging and told us that our missions will never end and should never end.  We should always be feeding the sheep.  He talked about "Preach My Gospel" and the reason it came about was to help keep missionaries from going inactive when they came home because apparently the message never got into their hearts.  Anyway, both were very good talks.  My companion is from Heber, AZ and graduated from NAU in secondary history ed.  We also have a Latina companion from Costa Rica who is going to Nicaragua North.  Her sister will get here in two weeks and is going to my mission.  It is fun to talk to the natives and it definitely helps with the spanish.  On Wednesdays, a lady comes and sells things like bags and scripture cases and notebooks and tolietries in the MTC.  I decided to get a scripture case for my spanish scriptures, so I got the 2 cases for the Bible and Book of Mormon and a mini case for my little hymn book for 10 dollars.  I think that was a great deal. I probably will not buy much else since I do not have tons of room to take things to Nicaragua.  Elena is lucky that once she leaves Provo she will be in the country to stay and not have to make sure her bags are the right weights again.  Well, the food is really good here.  Some of it is a little different but it is all pretty tasty.  I am excited to go to the temple this afternoon.  It will be great.  The weather here is nice right now.  I am sure it will get warmer, but so far so good.  I am enjoying it here and the people are so nice and I am excited to get to Nicaragua.  I know this is where I need to be.  This is a great work!  Check out GuatemalaCCM.com and my picture should be up.  Anyway life is good here.  Love you lots and lots, Alexis

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